Cure Dextra® Closed System

The innovative Cure Dextra® Closed System intermittent catheter from Cure Medical enables increased independence
and reduced risk of infections. Unique attributes make the Cure Dextra® Closed System easy to use:

  • Tip Advancing Technology moves the catheter out of the 1000 ml collection bag and into the body without contact.
  • A Gripper Arrow makes it easy to advance the catheter with each forward stroke. The catheter does not retract with the back stroke.
  • A Support Band enables controlled use without the need to grip the device with two hands.
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User Driven Benefits

Like all Cure Medical products, the Cure Dextra® Closed System offers all these exceptional benefits:

Comfort and Confidence

Eyelets on all Cure Medical catheters are exceptionally smooth. The difference in eyelet quality between the Cure Medical catheter and some other brands can be seen and felt!

Peace of Mind

Cure Medical always uses high quality materials – not made with DEHP/DINP*, BPA, or Natural Rubber Latex for safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Hope for the Future

Cure Medical supports medical research.